What do your springs weigh?

DH 140mm Weight
225lb 322g
250lb 338g
275lb 278g
300lb 309.7g
325lb 347.8g
350lb 322.2g
375lb 347.6g
400lb 387.4g
425lb 373.7g
450lb 400.9g
475lb 392.2g
500lb 433.0g

METRIC ENDURO 65mm stroke capability****springs range in length from 105mm-115mm 

350lb 327g
375lb 355.4g
400lb 338.9g
425lb 366.8g
450lb 351.1g
475lb 334.3g
500lb 318.3g
550lb 343.0g
600lb 372.8g

A question we get often - can you make a (fill in your colour of choice here) spring? The answer in short is if a coloured spring would improve performance and make someone faster we would make colours. The truth is no colour makes you faster. So our springs are Carbon Black and FAST. :)

We feel FAST is better.

Where do you ship to? Can I get my spring faster?

Worldwide. Shipping costs will vary, but we will use the most economical way possible. If you require express shipments we can arrange to ship via DHL, TNT or UPS, however, it is expensive and we will need to send you an invoice via PayPal to make the appropriate billing changes.

How do I choose the correct spring rate?

Email us! It helps if we know if you ride clipped in or on flats, how much you weigh and what shock you are running. We also need to know the eye to eye measurement of your shock – some bikes come with a very long shock ie: some YT models, but aren’t a downhill bike. The shock length determines the spring type, not the bike type. This can be confusing.

Will I notice any difference in using a shorter spring versus a longer one? Will I need to adjust the settings of my shock?

You will notice that due to the linear action of this spring you will need to run less rebound control as the force from the compression stroke to rebound stroke is less. Because there is less force acting on the rebound circuit because the spring is linear your shock will be much more balanced and run cooler. This for your damper is a perfect world.

Will you sponsor me? Can I become a brand ambassador?

Our sponsorship commitments are fully extended until the end of 2020.  We will entertain inquiries in October 2020. Please email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..