Enduro Light Metric Compatible 65mm stroke (POM Spacer Included)

With the explosion of Enduro racing and many riders opting to run coil dampers, SAR launches its new Super LightWeight Enduro spring. At just 105mm-115mm in length with stroke capability up to 65mm, this new spring will provide the Enduro racer with an answer to keeping weight at a minimum, and the same accuracy as its 140mm big brother, at the same time addressing the industry push towards metric sizing.

Additional POM Spacers can be purchased for £12 each.

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enduro light spring

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If it is a Rock Shox Super Deluxe here is some important info as well as a short video on how to install your pom spacers and spring: 

One thing to note is that Rock Shox Super Deluxe usually are not at the 250psi in the IFP chamber that they need to be as the dampers come finger tightened from the factory and usually lose pressure between the factory and being mounted on the bike. It is something you should get checked. You can take it to a shop or do it yourself but you need a valve core remover. Usually, the core comes out because the machine that assembled the damper doesn’t do it up properly which is why it loses air pressure anyway. 

You can buy this off of eBay they are cheap: